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SICC Won the "IP Innovation Award of the Year" in 2023 China IC Top Award

On December 27, the 2023 China Semiconductor Investment Alliance Annual Meeting & China IC Industry Award Ceremony was held in Hefei. SICC won the “IP Innovation Award of the Year”

China Semiconductor Investment Alliance Annual Meeting & China IC Industry Award Ceremony is an internal high-end summit for the leading companies in each segment of semiconductor industry.

As ijiwei introduced, the winners of the IP Innovation Award show the following characteristics:

① Have a Long-term development in the semiconductor industry;

Have a strong R&D capability and focus on the protection, accumulation and creation of intellectual property;

Their patents have certain influence.

Guided by the development philosophy  of "Technology·Quality·Sustainability", SICC has always attached great importance to the technical innovation and intellectual property portfolio. SICC leads the SiC industry in the number of patents. By the end of June 2022, the company has obtained 438 granted patents, covering equipment design, thermal field design, powder synthesis and other technical aspects. While focusing on mass production technology upgrading, SICC has continuously strengthened the new technology breakthroughs. At present, the company has completed the R&D of 8-inch SiC single crystal.

SICC is the leading company of SiC substrate industry, and this award is a full recognition of SICC’s breakthrough and outstanding achievement in intellectual property. Innovation is the primary force guiding development. With the vigorous development of semiconductor industry, SICC will seize the opportunity, and well conduct the creation, application, protection and management of intellectual property. The company will optimize and improve itself with constant innovation vitality, and give back to the customers with higher quality.

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