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SICC Completed the Work of 6 Sigma Project in H1 2022

On July 28, SICC held the H1 2022 Work Summary and Commendation Meeting of 6 Sigma Project. The representativees made reports to the judges through introducing the project backgroud, current issues, imprvement plan, improvement result, promotion plan, etc. And the judges asked questions and gave scores based on their performance.

(The project representatives made reports, and judges gave scores)

(The judges awarded certificates to the outstanding teams and individuals of the project)

6 Sigma is a technology to improve the quality process management of enterprises. With the perfect commercial pursuit of "Zero Defect", it can drive the quality to be greatly improved and the cost to be greatly reduced, and finally achieve the improvement of financial results and breakthrough of company competitiveness. If a company wants to reach the 6 Sigma standard, the error rate cannot exceed 3.4%. The 6 Sigma follows the Five-Step Cycle Improvement method, namely DMAIC model, which is Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. The SICC 6 Sigma project strictly followed the DMAIC model, based on professional management technology and systematic way of thinking, SICC achieved remarkable result on the improvement.

4 people were awarded as the “Outstanding Individual”. “The 6 Sigma project provides a more scientific and reasonable way of thinking, which leads us to propose better solutions. It helps to build the workflow and system, optimize the process and increase the efficiency. And it is very helpful to solve problems in production.” said the award winners. ”We should never stop the spirit of continous updating and improvement.”

Mr. Xiaoming Sui, head of the 6 Sigma project team, affirmed the achievement that everyone has made. “The most important part is what we gained from the project. I hope we could make persistent efforts and do better in the future.” said Mr.Sui.

SICC will continue the improvement of 6 Sigma Project in the H2 of this year to optimize process and efficiency, and to provide customers with better products and service.

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