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SICC Hosted the Third Investor Day

On September 1st, SICC (688234.SH) hosted the Third Investor Day in Jinan headquarters.

Mr. Wayne Zhong, Director, CFO and Secretary of the Board of SICC, hosted the event, and he welcomed the investors and hoped that more investors would visit and get to know SICC in the future.

The investors then visited the exhibition room and plant to learn about the company’s development history, the technical difficulties of SiC, product industries and application fields, as well as intelligent production system and digital management concept.


At the meeting, Mr. Zhong answered the question that the investors concerned.

Q: What is the construction progress and future planning of the plant in Lin-gang Shanghai?

A: In view of the current epidemic status and changes in the international situation, there is a risk that the production will be delayed compared with the original plan. At the same time, SICC has taken measures to adjust part of the capacity layout, and has realized the bulk supply of N-type substrates to meet the urgent demand of downstream customers. At present, SICC has passed the certification of IATF16949, and accelerated the customer qualification of the products.

We will continue to speed up the capacity construction of the Lin-gang project, and it is expected that the bulk supply of N-type substrate will be released after the Shanghai plant is put into operation.

Q: How is the progress of 8-inch SiC substrate R&D in SICC?

A: Up to now, the 8-inch substrate development is progressing well. SICC has previously arranged the R&D of 8-inch product, and is one of the earliest companies that start the research and industrialization of 8-inch in China, including the key technologies of both crystal growth and wafering process. On the basis of successful R&D of 8-inch product through independent diameter expansion in the early stage, SICC will improve technical and process breakthroughs and actively prepare its industrialization.

Q: Is SICC planning a further expansion of capacity in the future?

A: As a commercial company, our strategic planning will closely meet the demands of customers and the market, we will actively face the industrial opportunities and optimize our development strategy.

Q: Does the company plan to extend the business to downstream in the future?

A: The strategy of SICC has always been focusing on the SiC substrate, and trying to achieve the substrates with better quality, bigger size and less defects so as to continuously meet the rapid growth demand from the downstream applications.

SICC will keep close contact and full communication with investors to maximize the common interest of both sides.

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